Getting involved in local and national volunteerism programs can help develop integral communication skills and build a better understanding of the needs of each community.

Planters Assemblies fundraiser cafe is an affordable alternative to most food trucks or catering brands. Once your organization is approved, email us at to suggest Planters Assemblies nonprofit program. Supports the CAFT [Creative Art For Teens] program. Copyright.

Home buyer giveaways

Todd’s Lawn and Garden, Inc. dba My New Home provides free brunch for HOA’s, Realtor groups, and private rental entities looking to build value by utilizing our partner services.

Requirements to receive discounts and freebies.

To receive our concierge service, subdivision management, HOA management groups, or business or homeowner management groups, must submit at least two qualified service purchasing through our company to qualify.


At least two Alarm service installs and/or 4 internet service installations per subdivision. Lawn services minimums are $350 in total per concierge service.

What we’re willing to provide: Meals not to exceed $150 per event.

  1. Catered food service by a licensed food company located within 5 miles of event location.
  2. A non-compete requirement is suggested but not enforced. We value the unique business partnerships we have within our network. We encourage to promote our network of partners on such events, when possible, for better success ratios for our partners.
  3. Either party can cancel the concierge support options by simply emailing us at
  4. Only approved newsletters, flyers, post cards, and sales materials are accepted to place in hand-out bags, door-to-door solicitations, and any materials provided by an authorized sales agent.